Vector Format Converter

I am t shirt graphic artist Illustrator. I can take any jpeg file or hand drawn sketch and trace it by computer mouse in illustrator software – meaning to convert it into vector art digitized file which will meet all necessary standards in screen printing services. I always submit EPS format, Illustrator and PDF in layers color separation and color pantones.

Convert Jpeg to Vector Illustrator

I can convert any tattoo art, logo, or design to vector format. If you have an old logo, sketch or photo, I can help. All I need from you is a scan or copy of the image to be cleaned up into vector art format. Vector conversion is done by hand and not through an automated process. I will ensure that your logo is at the highest quality. The final files are sent back to you as .eps and .pdf formats. The EPS file is what you will send to your vendor for reproduction. The PDF file is for you to proof.


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